Ivanka Brand Shoes and Clothing Removed From Nordstrom

Ever since Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States, the anti-Trump group has been active. The marches, protests, and boycotts are organized on small and large levels to show the displeasure of the people. The supports of Trump continue to support him while the haters have become activists. In the modern connected world, all it takes to organize a boycott is a hashtag. When the protest involves simple boycott for a few days, the corporate giants fear for their loss of revenue. As a result, the activists were able to achieve their goal to a small extent.

Grab Your Wallet is an anti-Trump activist group that has been boycotting aggressively. The organization demanded Nordstrom to stop selling goods associated with the President or the members of his family. Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoes are actively sold on Nordstrom. In a recent statement, the spokesperson of Nordstrom declared that the retailer will drop Ivanka Trump’s products starting this spring. It was mentioned in the statement that the decision was taken due to poor sales of the products. There was no mention about the boycott, but the world knows the reality.

According to the statement from Nordstrom, the company would cut 10% of its brands and refresh the assortment. Now, due to the poor performance of Ivanka’s brand, Nordstrom won’t be buying it for this season. The stock items will be sold at discounted prices until the inventory is cleared. On Thursday, the company website showed only 4 styles of Ivanka branded shoes to be available for purchase with a discount.

Grab Your Wallet is run by Shannon Coulter, which was created after The Washington Post published a 2005 video of Donald Trump bragging about groping women and telling ‘grab them by the p—y’. It created an uproar among the public as one of the presidential candidates was glad about sexually harassing women and using vulgar terms for the genitals. The movement Grab Your Wallet was started as a means to use the daily budget of the common people to protest against the giants who don’t follow business ethics. Shannon Coulter commented that Nordstrom carried 71 Ivanka items in December and now, it only has 4.

The movement against Nordstrom was started on October 11th as Coulter messaged on twitter. Coulter argued that the retailer must not continue stocking Ivanka branded items because she is a strong supporter of her father even after the release of the videotape. After the announcement of Nordstrom’s decision, Coulter emailed that more than 230,000 tweets were sent and several millions of dollars were lost for Nordstrom as those who joined the movement stopped purchasing from the retailer. The Grab Your Wallet association is happy that the retailer has finally heard them.

The campaign is not over yet as Grab Your Wallet targets more than 60 companies including golf courses and hotels of Trump. It also includes businesses that lend their support to Trump. Coulter believes that people who voted against Trump may have lost at the ballot box but hopes to win at the cash register.

Newfoundland Imposes New Limits for Payday Loans

The Maritimes region of Canada has been one of the weakest economies in the Great White North for years. With all of its natural beauty and kind populations, this region of the country doesn’t have a strong economy like that of Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. High unemployment rates, high debt levels and a lack of significant investments have led to an exodus in this region, where everyone travels west.

Due to this precarious economic situation, a lot of consumers in this area venture to the nearest payday loan store in order to cover their day-to-day living expenses. And this is troubling public officials.

It was announced on Thursday that the Newfoundland government will introduce new limits for payday loans. The province is looking to permit payday loan stores to operate within Newfoundland but with restrictions on how they can do business and what they can charge customers moving forward.

The proposed legislation is being debated in the House of Assembly. If officials give the thumbs up to the new limits then it would mandate short-term, high-interest loans to charge certain fees. Although it has yet to be finalized, the suggestion is to require lenders to charge $21 for every $100 borrowed. This is far higher than other provinces that have installed similar limits, like Alberta which imposed a $15 limit.

Moreover, Newfoundland payday loan companies will need to be licensed and follow new rules. These include permitting borrowers to cancel the loan within two days and prohibiting lenders from rolling over old loans and adding new and higher fees, which proponents say would provide relief.

“We’re not promoting payday lenders. But we know they are here, we know they are going to operate,” said Newfoundland Service Minister Eddie Joyce. “So we want to put consumer protection in there.”

Ostensibly, the new rules will also be applied to loans online, though the province concedes that ensuring that these Internet lenders comply to new rules and regulations will be rather difficult.

Nevertheless, Joyce admitted that payday loan businesses are here to stay and are a reality.

“I think if people need to go to that, for some unfortunate reason, they’re going to find it somewhere,” he said. “So what we’re going to ensure is that there is protection there for them.”
Jurisdictions across Canada have attempted to rein in the payday loan industry this year.

Provincial governments have implemented caps on interest rates and origination fees. Even public officials at the municipal level have tackled the growing trend of payday loans by trying to restrict their operations or reach by limiting where they can open up new stores. Others just want to simply outright ban payday loan stores from the marketplace.

Critics of payday loans purport that these alternative financial services negatively impact society’s most vulnerable and even middle-income households because of exorbitant interest rates and excessive fees and charges. Proponents of payday loans say it differently. They believe that payday loans are essential for those who are unbanked, underbanked or need access to short-term credit since their banks don’t offer such products to their customers.

Canada’s payday loan industry is worth $2 billion and approves tens of thousands of loans each year.

Tech Jobs Remain At The Top Of The Best Jobs In The USA

In the survey conducted by Glassdoor for the 50 best jobs in America, the technology jobs claimed the top 14 spots. These jobs that require Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (MATH) skills are highly regarded as the best jobs in the country. The 1st position is claimed by the job title, data scientist. To become a data scientist, you have to be an expert in computer programming and maths. The job requires the individual to use raw data to derive useful and intelligible data. It is one of the high paying jobs with an average base salary of $110,000 along with the highest satisfaction rating. Currently, 4,184 positions are open.

Next to it, DevOps engineer, data engineer, and analytics manager are the most desirable tech jobs. Tax manager is another highly respected and well-paid job in the USA. Various other tech jobs such as database administrator, user-interface designer, solutions architect and software engineer are also some of the sought after jobs that pay well. Among these, solutions architect earn the best salary with an average salary of at least $125,000. The demand for technology skills is on the rise, especially when the businesses are not regular tech companies. The tech engineers are now required by every major corporation and they are willing to pay the best salary to hire top talents.

Apart from the tech sector jobs, various jobs in the finance, healthcare, retail and government sectors also gained prominence. With the economy of the country expected to grow with the Trump administration, the openings for different types of jobs continue to increase. Technological infrastructure has become indispensable in almost every industry and they prefer having their own in-house tech expert. There is an increasing demand for tech positions with specific skill sets because the jobs are more specialized now.

The advanced corporate culture and six-figure salaries make these jobs extremely attractive. However, the skill sets of the employees are not up-to-date to meet the requirements of these specialized jobs. The tech sector is usually dominated by the white and Asian males while some companies like Google is showing interest in diversifying their employees. Men and women of color are now increasingly hired and trained to meet the requirements of the job positions.

Recently, Oracle had to face a lawsuit when it was alleged that it pays white males better than the others while preferring Asians for technical jobs. Oracle denied these allegations. Many boot camp programs are gaining popularity as these programs expand the skills of people with technical background. President Donald Trump hopes to improve the manufacturing sector, creating new jobs. However, tech experts believe that the world is moving towards automation.

If you are looking for a job, it is better to acquire STEM skills now because the future is in the automation and tech sector. Landing the best job will enable you to earn a better salary, get a corporate work life and enjoy life in general.

Trump Reveals Plans To Cut Down 75% Of The Regulations

Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States on Friday. Today, he started his first formal day in the White House as the President. In the opening hours, Trump welcomed several leaders from large enterprises in the country for a meeting. He promised the company officials that he will wipe out about 75% of the government regulations, which will make it easier for the corporations to run their business. Those businesses looking to expand will enjoy expedited policies and massive tax cuts.

While talking about improving the operations in the United States, President Donald Trump told the leaders that all they have to do is stay. Trump encouraged the organizations to open new factories and expand their business in the United States. This will help to create new jobs and the companies will be rewarded with numerous benefits. Currently, many corporations spend more time on regulations than on developing the product. Trump has promised to remove most of the regulations, easing the path for company growth.

At the same time, Donald Trump also issued a warning that the companies moving their production out of the United States will have to deal with punishment in the form of a substantial border tax. Companies that have production facilities in Mexico and other countries should have to face a higher tariff, making the out-of-country production expensive. Trump promised that the new regulation policies will be better and less cumbersome. Many corporate leaders who were singled out in Trump’s speeches and tweets were present during the meeting. The press conference after the meet was short and Trump ensured that the topics don’t deviate to other matters.

Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical told the reporters that the new president wants the companies to come up with various actions to boost economic growth. He also said that Trump revealed his plans of meeting with the business leaders four times a year to make all the industries competitive and profitable. Mark Fields of Ford Motor company said that the President is enthusiastic about economic growth which will be beneficial for all the industries.

Trump repeatedly warns the corporations about the major border tax. However, many Republicans are not happy with this policy because it could result in increased cost within the USA. The experts argue that Trump may not have the power to punish the companies and it would also result in the violation of treaties.

During his campaign, Trump has promised that he would pull the USA out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and revisit North American Free Trade and Agreement to benefit the country. TPP is already dead even before Trump took his office. The President office has already contacted the Canadian Prime Minister and Mexican President to discuss NAFTA trade deal. Experts fear that the negotiations with respect to NAFTA could cause troubles with the USA economy. There will be serious repercussions for the Mexican economy, but the USA is not completely immune either.