Ivanka Brand Shoes and Clothing Removed From Nordstrom

Ever since Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States, the anti-Trump group has been active. The marches, protests, and boycotts are organized on small and large levels to show the displeasure of the people. The supports of Trump continue to support him while the haters have become activists. In the modern connected world, all it takes to organize a boycott is a hashtag. When the protest involves simple boycott for a few days, the corporate giants fear for their loss of revenue. As a result, the activists were able to achieve their goal to a small extent.

Grab Your Wallet is an anti-Trump activist group that has been boycotting aggressively. The organization demanded Nordstrom to stop selling goods associated with the President or the members of his family. Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoes are actively sold on Nordstrom. In a recent statement, the spokesperson of Nordstrom declared that the retailer will drop Ivanka Trump’s products starting this spring. It was mentioned in the statement that the decision was taken due to poor sales of the products. There was no mention about the boycott, but the world knows the reality.

According to the statement from Nordstrom, the company would cut 10% of its brands and refresh the assortment. Now, due to the poor performance of Ivanka’s brand, Nordstrom won’t be buying it for this season. The stock items will be sold at discounted prices until the inventory is cleared. On Thursday, the company website showed only 4 styles of Ivanka branded shoes to be available for purchase with a discount.

Grab Your Wallet is run by Shannon Coulter, which was created after The Washington Post published a 2005 video of Donald Trump bragging about groping women and telling ‘grab them by the p—y’. It created an uproar among the public as one of the presidential candidates was glad about sexually harassing women and using vulgar terms for the genitals. The movement Grab Your Wallet was started as a means to use the daily budget of the common people to protest against the giants who don’t follow business ethics. Shannon Coulter commented that Nordstrom carried 71 Ivanka items in December and now, it only has 4.

The movement against Nordstrom was started on October 11th as Coulter messaged on twitter. Coulter argued that the retailer must not continue stocking Ivanka branded items because she is a strong supporter of her father even after the release of the videotape. After the announcement of Nordstrom’s decision, Coulter emailed that more than 230,000 tweets were sent and several millions of dollars were lost for Nordstrom as those who joined the movement stopped purchasing from the retailer. The Grab Your Wallet association is happy that the retailer has finally heard them.

The campaign is not over yet as Grab Your Wallet targets more than 60 companies including golf courses and hotels of Trump. It also includes businesses that lend their support to Trump. Coulter believes that people who voted against Trump may have lost at the ballot box but hopes to win at the cash register.

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