Tech Jobs Remain At The Top Of The Best Jobs In The USA

In the survey conducted by Glassdoor for the 50 best jobs in America, the technology jobs claimed the top 14 spots. These jobs that require Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (MATH) skills are highly regarded as the best jobs in the country. The 1st position is claimed by the job title, data scientist. To become a data scientist, you have to be an expert in computer programming and maths. The job requires the individual to use raw data to derive useful and intelligible data. It is one of the high paying jobs with an average base salary of $110,000 along with the highest satisfaction rating. Currently, 4,184 positions are open.

Next to it, DevOps engineer, data engineer, and analytics manager are the most desirable tech jobs. Tax manager is another highly respected and well-paid job in the USA. Various other tech jobs such as database administrator, user-interface designer, solutions architect and software engineer are also some of the sought after jobs that pay well. Among these, solutions architect earn the best salary with an average salary of at least $125,000. The demand for technology skills is on the rise, especially when the businesses are not regular tech companies. The tech engineers are now required by every major corporation and they are willing to pay the best salary to hire top talents.

Apart from the tech sector jobs, various jobs in the finance, healthcare, retail and government sectors also gained prominence. With the economy of the country expected to grow with the Trump administration, the openings for different types of jobs continue to increase. Technological infrastructure has become indispensable in almost every industry and they prefer having their own in-house tech expert. There is an increasing demand for tech positions with specific skill sets because the jobs are more specialized now.

The advanced corporate culture and six-figure salaries make these jobs extremely attractive. However, the skill sets of the employees are not up-to-date to meet the requirements of these specialized jobs. The tech sector is usually dominated by the white and Asian males while some companies like Google is showing interest in diversifying their employees. Men and women of color are now increasingly hired and trained to meet the requirements of the job positions.

Recently, Oracle had to face a lawsuit when it was alleged that it pays white males better than the others while preferring Asians for technical jobs. Oracle denied these allegations. Many boot camp programs are gaining popularity as these programs expand the skills of people with technical background. President Donald Trump hopes to improve the manufacturing sector, creating new jobs. However, tech experts believe that the world is moving towards automation.

If you are looking for a job, it is better to acquire STEM skills now because the future is in the automation and tech sector. Landing the best job will enable you to earn a better salary, get a corporate work life and enjoy life in general.

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